37 Oaks University

Growing a product business to brick-and-mortar and ecommerce is a lot of work. No matter where you are in this process, there is always an opportunity to learn more and improve. 37 Oaks University makes learning retail, commerce and distribution principles simple; accessible; affordable and digestible. Take one course or enroll in a series. 

What's New!

Channel Development 


Learn how to save time & money in your product growth & distribution opportunities. 

Strategy & Operations


Building retail acumen for you and your team results in profitable growth.


Advice & Support

Advising & mentorship from industry experts and professionals.


Channel Development Series

 What are your options for product growth and distribution?  We will review these options and help you determine the best path for your business.  


Strategy & Operations Courses

Sound strategies & operations lead you to a profitable, scalable and sustainable business. Regardless of the channel you choose, your stage of business or your role in the company, these courses will give you the knowledge and confidence to be successful.



Strategic Planning 


Manufacturing & Production


Expert Support

Sometimes you need an expert to help you through the process or provide advice, specific to your business. 37 Oaks' management team + our network of industry experts and entrepreneurs  come with a wide range of knowledge. We are happy to help you apply the learnings from our courses. 


Registration Options

Depending on your schedule, budget and goals, check out the different ways to learn at 37 Oaks University.  

On-Demand: Watch select courses at anytime, from the comfort of your personal device.  

Live Webinar: Join an online, live stream course, led by an industry expert.

Classroom: Join us at a facility at a local classroom for an in-person, collaborative, facilitator-led course.