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Building retail, commerce and distribution knowledge for entrepreneurs. 

Take a refresher course or complete a self-paced commerce curriculum.

Join through live webinar,  classroom or watch On Demand from the comfort of your personal device. Either way, we take the complexity out of growing your product based business.





Mobile Retail




Strategy & Operations



Getting your brand on retail shelves can be a task.  We will help you understand the details that can save time, resources and stress.  

Wholesale Series
Grocery Store Worker

Intro To


On Demand   |   Live Webinar   |   Classroom

Do you want your products on retail shelves? Does this process seem intimidating and complex? What do you need to know and where do you start?

Dealing with retailers & distributors can be intimidating, complex, timely and expensive if you don't know what to look for or how to prepare. You typically get one chance to make a good first impression with a Buyer, so you need to make it count. This course is designed to help you prepare for your retail journey.

Warehouse Shelves

Intro To Wholesale 

Distribution Partners 

On Demand   |   Live Webinar   |   Classroom

When should you use a retail Broker vs. a Distributor? How do you know they are qualified? What are the different compensation structures?


There are many ways to get on store shelves, so having the right partners can save you time, money and stress. This course is designed to help you understand the partner options that are best for your business.

Prerequisites: Intro to Wholesaling


Intro To Retail 


On Demand  |  Live  Webinar   |   Classroom

What marketing & promotional programs does a retailer want you to plan for? What are budget and store execution considerations? What top mistakes do you need to avoid?


This course provides insights to help you develop a strategy that is attractive to Buyers and helps maintain your space on retail shelves. 

Prerequisites: Intro to Wholesaling

Revewing Graphs

Budgeting For Wholesale Growth 

Live Webinar  |   Classroom

What are major cost considerations for getting my product on retail shelves?

As with any growth strategy, there is some level of investment. The process of getting your products on retail shelves is no different. This course will help you outline the various cost considerations of this process. 

Prerequisites: Intro To Wholesaling,  Intro To Retail Distribution Partners & Intro To Retail Promotions . 

Business Meeting

Wholesale Business Development Tools

On Demand  |  Live Webinar   |   Classroom

You may get one chance to make a first impression. When pitching to retail Buyers and distributors, it is important to be prepared & professional with information they need. Learn how to structure and design key business development collateral in the retail process.

Prerequisite: Intro To Wholesaling;  Intro to Retail Promotions. 

Business Meeting

Selling Into Wholesale  Workshop

Live Webinar   |   Classroom

Whether you are looking to connect directly with wholesale distributors or retail Buyers, getting products in the hands of partners that can help sell your products in large quantities can be quite a process. Once you do get this opportunity, it is critical to be prepared. This interactive workshop prepares you and sets expectations for this sales process. We will outline various approaches; discuss tips & best practices; review supporting sales tools and run mock sales meetings.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Wholesaling, Introduction to Wholesale Business Development Tools, Are You Ready For Retail? Business Assessment

Ecommerce Series


More and more customers are shopping online, so if you do not have an ecommerce presence, then you are missing out.  Let us help prepare you for this channel.

Online Shopping

Intro to

On Demand   |   Live Webinar   |   Classroom

Whether you are a brick & mortar business looking to be more competitive or a local brand looking to grow sales, you must understand e-commerce to be competitive in this environment. 

Let us help you understand the basics of e-commerce so you can plan for succes


Shipping Boxes

Intro to E-commerce Shipping

On Demand  | Live Webinar   |   Classroom

Shipping is such an important part of your e-commerce business. It impacts the price you charge to your customer experiences. This course will teach the basics of what you need to know in planning & executing a shipping strategy. 

Prerequisites:  Intro to E-commerce

Creative people brainstorming in meeting

Intro to E-commerce Marketing Strategy

On Demand  |  Live Webinar  |   Classroom

"Build It And They Will Come" is a strategy. Having a thoughtful approach to marketing your online store is required to compete in this market. But where do you start? This introductory course helps you understand how to translate the sales funnel framework to an effective e-commerce marketing strategy.

Prerequesties: Intro to E-commerce


Create A Winning      E-commerce Experience

Live Webinar  |  Classroom

Creating a winning customer experience is critical in brick and mortar, but we can't forget that it is just as important online. This makes a difference between customers browsing your site to clicking the "buy" button.

Prerequisite Courses: Intro to E-commerce, Intro to E-commerce Shipping, Intro to E-commerce Marketing Strategy; Intro to E-commerce Photography & Video Strategy 

Lingerie Web Design

Driving E-commerce Awareness Workshop

Live Webinar 

After developing a strong marketing strategy, now it’s time to execute. Digital marketing is an important skill for any e-commerce business. This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of developing and executing effective Facebook & Instagram ads.


In collaboration with Wise Digital Marketing.

Prerequisite Courses: Intro to E-commerce Marketing Strategy

Online Shopping

Driving E-commerce Conversion Workshop

Live Webinar 

Driving traffic to an e-commerce site is just one aspect of the marketing and sale process. Next, we need to get customers to actually buy. This workshop outlines top tactics used to improve e-commerce site conversion. It also taps into real life scenarios and applications of industry experts and/or experienced business owners and allocates time for a conversion exercise.

Prerequisite Courses: Intro to E-commerce Marketing Strategy; Driving E-commerce Awareness Workshop


Mobile retail is a great way to grow your business without the commitment of a permanent location. This series will prepare you for success in Food Trucks & Pop Ups.

Mobil Retail Series
Paying with a Phone

Intro To

Mobile Retail 

Live Webinar   |   Classroom

Mobile retail is a great way to grow your business. Food trucks and pop up shops allow you to connect with various markets without the full investment and commitment of a permanent location.


Let us help you explore these channels and understand the basics before  taking that leap. 

Makeup Store

Intro to Pop Up Markets

On Demand  |  Live Webinar   |   Classroom

A great and flexible way to strategically grow your business is to participate in pop up markets.  Learn how effectively plan and get the most out of these opportunities.  

Prerequisites: Intro to Product Assortments;  Defining Your Unique Value; Intro to Costing Goods; Introduction to E-commerce Marketing Strategy

Street Food

Intro To A Food Truck Business


Chefs and culinary artists love Food Trucks! In launching this type of business, there are many considerations that you need to be aware of as it will save you time, money and stress. We will help you understand your path to opening and operating a successful food truck business.

Prerequisites: Intro to Mobile Retail


Physical stores are not dead, but they are definitely shifting. Operating a storefront requires investment, time & resources . We will arm you with the information you need to make the best decisions.  

Storefront Series
Woman Shopping

Introduction To Storefronts

On Demand  |  Live Webinar   |   Classroom

Your business is growing and now you are considering a storefront location. This can be an amazing, yet pivotal  decision.


This course provides an overview of the basics, fundamentals, considerations & expectations of launching and operating a product-based, storefront business. It will help you understand how to prepare and become best equipped for a successful  venture.

Image by Christelle BOURGEOIS

Intro To Visual Merchandising 

On Demand  |  Live Webinar