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Commerce Development

SOKONI helps small business owners reduce the risk of scaling online + in retail.  

What is SOKONI?

SOKONI (a 37 Oaks platform) is a commerce development learning laboratory that helps small businesses reduce the risk of scaling online and into retail.


We use our e-commerce & storefront marketplaces +  37 Oaks University courses + 1:1 coaching  to help product-based entrepreneurs get the kinks out of their marketing, & operations before investing their own time, money and resources into scaling.

SOKONI Retail Learning Laboratory

Helping product-based entrepreneurs reduce the risks of scaling into retail storefronts & wholesale. 

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Young start up small business owner work

SOKONI E-commerce
Learning Laboratory

Helping entrepreneurs reduce the time, barriers and burden of launching online.

SOKONI cohorts test, learn & apply principles from the program to our seasonal marketplace. 

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