My experience with Sokoni was nothing short of amazing!


When I tell you that you will fall in love with this pop-up shop is an understatement. From the winter wonderland decor to all the awesome vendors.


Sokoni at Christmas time is a must!!! 

L. Crockett, Beverage Brand

Chicago, IL

Working with SOKONI was a joy! They was accommodating and creative!


I would recommend this for artisans, especially new ones who are looking for inspiration and ideas to move forward with their businesses. 

E. Telesky, Home Decor Brand

Michigan City, IN

Being a part of the SOKONI Holiday Pop-up Shop was a very rewarding experience. My brand was able to reach a new and possibly otherwise, unattainable demographic.

D. Gallardo, Beauty Brand

Chicago, IL

We participated in the SOKONI pop-up and were very pleased! 


First and foremost, 37 Oaks did a great job communicating pop-up details and logistics. The expectations were clear and the move-in and move-out process was very easy. The store was set up beautifully. Also, it was great to have a dedicated store manager for the pop-up. This eliminated the need for each vendor to staff the store, which can be difficult when you have other retail locations or don't live nearby. Also, the SOKONI manager truly knew about every single brand and was able to sell it to customers.  There was comfort in knowing that there was someone in the store that could really sell our products and explain our brand story while we were not there, because this can sometimes be an issue at pop-ups. 


At the end of the pop-up, we were able to look at what was sold, which helped us to refine our in-store inventory.  Overall great experience!

J. Burrell, The Frock Shop

Chicago, IL

37 Oaks did a fantastic job with the Inventory Management and Retail Math Workshops. You truly captured the needs of our diverse group which was no small feat given the wide range of retail interests and experience. 
I also want to thank you for your willingness to accommodate our scheduling needs.  It was a long day but you were engaging and easy to follow. We hope to collaborate with your again soon. 

T. Baker, E.G Woode

Chicago, IL

Terrand Smith was a great asset to the entire project, she understood to perfection what we needed and was able to deliver exceeding all expectations, She applied her vast knowledge in the retail industry to our needs. We will definitely work with her if the chance comes.​

S. Campos, Sun Pyramid Health

Costa Rica

Terrand was great to work with even with very minimal direction and a very tight turnaround timeframe.  We enjoyed working with her and look forward to digging in deeper into some of her recommendations.   Terrand was able to quickly adjust when we provided feedback and hit just the right level of near term solutions as well as ideas to help us think about the future opportunities. 

A. Dean, Pampered Chef

Chicago, IL

Our (Retail Technology) Startup creates solutions to measure in-store engagement and we had troubles positioning our solutions in the wider retail market. Terrand gave practical advice and insights of retail and helped us to figure out the best way to position our product.

Sahan H, Retail Technolgy Startup, Owner

Sri Lanka, South Asia

Terrand had two hours to work on (pricing optimization) my big list of 60 products with 60 colors And 12 sizes. 

She accomplished the task comprehensively and documented the work thoroughly. I was impressed with her work ethics and professionalism.   It probably took her more than two hours but she stuck to my budget. 


I look forward to working with this highly skilled and intelligent Woman. I  recommend her highly. Don't be skeptical of her high rate, the value she brings is far greater.  When it comes to retail pricing look no farther. 

U. Lakshman, Jewelry Ecommerce Owner

Atlanta, GA

Terrand was very helpful in helping us go from idea to putting the business plan on paper. Terrand's service is exceptional and she over-delivered. She helped us think about our business plan and went above-and-beyond.


Terrand forced us to think about things that we would have never thought about, her expertise with retail definitely helped us a lot as she was able to hold our hand throughout the entire process until we felt totally comfortable. We will definitely be doing more more with Terrand for our operational plan next!

J. Floyd, Apparel Retail Owner

Chicago Suburbs, IL

I have been in the salon and beauty business for over 20 years and business is going well. To reach a new levels, I knew we had to tap more into social media. It's where our customers are. The challenge was that I did not have the time, and I did not have much experience around which networks to choose, why to choose them and how to get the most out of them. I also needed to know how to manage social media with limited resources. 


I reached out to 37 Oaks and they first spent time with me to understand my business, vision, goals and challenges. They then created a very impactful social media strategy that was easy to understand and easy for me to do. They even made recommendations on how to do it so it could fit into my schedule. Since then, I have increased customer engagement with new and potential customers; increased my brand awareness and I'm starting to get new customers. Growing to new levels is definitely on the horizon.

C. Foster, Beauty Salon Owner/ Stylist

Chicago Suburbs, IL

When to comes to retail, Terrand Smith is the "jack-of- all trades". Our Health and Beauty categories were in disarray and since it represented 45% of our company sales, there was high priority to get it right. Pricing was misaligned; product assortment had gaps; lacked new and innovative products; promotions were unproductive and worse of all, we were leaving money on the table with vendors.


It did not take long for Terrand to identify the root of each of these issues. She developed a pricing strategy that could absorb promotional impacts and made our marketing efforts more productive. Based on shelf space, she identified assortment gaps to make sure both core and innovative products were offered. She then took it to the last mile to negotiate with new and existing vendors to meet our financial needs.  


Terrand took responsibility of this challenge and led this 3 person team to success. She turned the business around in sales and profitability. Her leadership, strategic insight and passion of getting things done is just what we needed.  

Management Executive, Retail Chain

Dallas, TX

In Terrand's role, she was given responsibility for up to 2 departments (half of the company's employee base). In both cases, each department needed a turnaround due to lack of strong leadership, absent leadership and/or a missing clear strategy.


After appointment of these departments, she immediately took responsibility, developed a plan and led implementation. This ranged from creating a turnaround strategy; outlining processes; hiring talent; identifying and leading resources. Her approach is methodical, decisions are deliberative and she is extremely responsible. She has a great balance of design thinking/innovation and executing tactics. Both departments saw successful turnarounds within months of her management and are now operating efficiently.

CEO, Ad Tech Company

Chicago, IL

We have a growing church, so to make sure we continue on that path, we needed to step back and develop a thorough business plan. Although we have been around for close to 50 years, we needed to get our leadership on the same page, strategically think about the right next steps and how we are going to get there. 37 Oaks Consulting led and managed that entire process. What we liked about 37 Oaks is that they did not just take what we said and put it on paper, they were a strategic guiding light for our 2-4 year plan.

We had multiple meetings with Terrand and she asked pointed questions and helped us dig deep into our challenges, opportunities and visions. She then was then able to take or thoughts and conversations, add to it, adjust it and then based on market data and experience, develop a comprehensive business plan. It's easy to read and helps us envision where we need to go and why. We are looking forward to great success in the coming years and we could not have gotten to this point without 37 Oaks.

K. Criner, Director Operations, Non Profit

Maywood, IL

37 Oaks Consulting has been phenomenal!  When it comes to combining strategy, planning, and creativity to build a business plan, there’s no better company to be aligned with. The coaching and consulting services have been professional, extremely knowledgable and strong, saving me time and money.  They walked me thru the overwhelming startup process and helped me think through and develop a plan that is priming my business for success. 37 Oaks understands the business development process and has enabled me, a new entrepreneur, to develop a phased roadmap; saving valuable time and money.
I am so thankful that I teamed up with 37 Oaks and I'm looking forward to working with them on on phase 2. 

C. Cox, Founder, New Entrepreneur

Northern Virginia

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