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A Roadmap For

Online & Retail Growth

The Growth Lab

37 Oaks Growth Lab shifts product-based businesses into online and retail growth through Courses, Coaching, Content, Community + Services.

When you want to be a Plumber, you go to plumbing school. When you want to be a Dentist,  you go to dental school.


  • Where do you go to learn how to transform your hobby into a growing business?

  • Where do you go to learn how to grow your product-based business into new markets and channels?

  • Where do you go to learn how to build a successful online or retail business? 


You go to the 37 Oaks Growth Lab! It is like knowing a trade and a "language" in order to grow a profitable, sustainable, and scalable product-based business, and we teach that!

Courses. Coaching. Content. Community. Services.

The 37 Oaks Growth Lab provides a strategically designed roadmap that is based on decades of e-commerce and retail industry experience; teaching insights; curriculum development, and entrepreneur development.


4 stages guide you through a step-by-step process of shifting your business into growth mode.  Each stage includes a combination of Courses, Coaching, Content, Community and Services. 

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Growth Lab Membership
Includes Immediate Access To ...


  • Over 20 37 Oaks University Courses

    • 20+ Hours

  • Course Topics

    • E-commerce

    • Wholesale

    • Storefronts

    • Pop Up Markets

    • Strategy + Operations

  • Prepare To Shift:  Workbook Exercise Downloads

  • SOKONI Online Sales Marketplace

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  • ​Over 30

    • Assessments

    • Templates

    • Resource Guides

    • Assignments

    • Checklists

    • Challenges

    • More...

Reading Aloud in Classroom


  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions

  • Accountability + Goal Setting Sessions

  • Industry Expert Guidance 

  • Coaching Events

  • Onboarding For New Members

Business Colleagues


  • Discussion Group

  • Community Forum

    • Industry Insights, Market Trends + Consumer Shopping Trends

  • Networking + Events

  • Motivation + Encouragement

Sharing Ideas

Introductory Offer!


Membership Comparison

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Join Our Free Community 

Connect with a community and resources that supports business growth.

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