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Are your neighborhoods unlocking the power of local commerce?


Welcome to 37 Oaks, a company on a mission to strengthen and revitalize communities through local commerce.


In working with countless small businesses, entrepreneurs, economic development organizations and municipalities across the country, we see the untapped talent within our neighborhoods, and we want to do something about it.

37 Oaks uses our platforms to educate and prepare small, women and minority owned businesses for distribution growth through diverse channels. This can include ecommerce, brick & mortar, wholesale and/or mobile retail (pop ups & food trucks).


We believe that once developed, these product- based businesses +  the workforce that supports them are primed to drive significant economic impact.  


This is not just our mission, it's our responsibility!

37 Oaks Strengthens & Revitalizes Communities Through Local Commerce

We Educate & Prepare Small Product Businesses For Diversified Growth

Our platforms are designed to educate & prepare small, product-based businesses, entrepreneurs and the workforce that supports them for growth and scaling.



37 Oaks works with municipalities, economic development orgs, product-based businesses and their retail workforce to grow women and minority owned businesses in their community.

We Service Small, Women & Minority Owned Businesses & Their Retail Workforce


Local Retail Workforce

We Encourage & Support Growth In Diverse Channels

We direct community businesses towards diverse growth in the following channels. 





Mobile Retail

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