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Prepare to Shift 

37 Oaks is excited to partner with the South Shore Chamber of Commerce to help small business owners "Prepare to Shift" their hobby into a profitable, sustainable, and scalable business.

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Prepare to Shift Your Business

Into Growth

This multi-day workshop is for entrepreneurs who need the support and space to begin transitioning their business from a hobby/startup phase to growth. This workshop hand-holds attendees through the details and insights of MindSHIFT & WorkSHIFT principles outlined in the Prepare To Shift workbook.


The Artisan Collective (TAC) is Chicago's South Shore community's retail + art hub that prepares creative entrepreneurs to successfully operate a storefront. TAC connects entrepreneurs with the resources and opportunities they need to pilot or improve operating a storefront with minimal risk. This program lays the foundation for businesses in the early stages of determining if/how a storefront is right for them and helps entrepreneurs with existing storefronts evaluate and improve their operations. 

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Small Businesses​ Profile


  • Committed to shifting your business into growth

  • Chicago small business owners only

  • Committed to complete the entire program

  • Interested in participating in the TAC Retail Readiness Program



  • Two virtual classes

  • Review the MindSHIFT and WorkSHIFT principles necessary for growth

  • All participants will receive a copy of "Prepare to Shift: The Workbook" (distribution is coordinated by the South Shore Chamber of Commerce)

  • Group exercises, discussions and collaborations




  • Jan 9: Interest Session at 5:30 pm

  • Jan 12: Applications Close

  • Jan 15: Acceptance Notifications Sent

  • Jan 24 + 31st: Classes at 5:30 - 7:30 pm (cst) 

Space is limited, so register ASAP. 

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