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37 Oaks' Small Business Spotlight Meet Feyi Sangoleye

Shining a light on the amazing small business owners that power the communities we live, work, and play in.

37 Oaks has the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing small business owners around the country. They start off with a passion or a hobby, then we guide them towards growth. Let's take a moment to shine a light on the rock stars!

Feyi Sangoleye, Temi Beads

| 1. Tell Us About Your Business

TeMi Beads makes it easy for women (of all shapes and sizes) to be adorned in beautiful waistbeads. Our mission is to help women adorn themselves so they can fall in love with their bodies, set goals and intentions, track any weight changes, and discover their feminine energy.

| 2. What Makes Your Business Unique?

Your waist beads are made by a Dr. Nurse who has made it her mission to get women waisted and started on their self-love journey.

| 3. What Inspired You to Start Your Business?

My waist beads journey started when I got some waistbands from my sister. As a plus-sized babe, I have struggled with self-confidence and coming to terms with how my body is shaped (top-heavy with broad shoulders). After my first set of waistbeads, I started viewing myself differently and fell in love with myself a little harder. I would stare at my waisted self in the mirror and point out how and why I love myself. I would dance with no inhibition because the jiggle is part of my story. And I would claim my space without trying to shrink myself.

I started making waist beads because I want others to experience the feelings of love, worth, confidence, and sensuality associated with getting waisted. I hold space for your intentions, make the tools to help you, and cheer you to achievement. I want YOU to recognize and love YOU. And I want you to thrive!

| 4. Describe The Challenges Faced In Taking Your Business From A Hobby Into the Early Growth Stage.

Research and development almost broke me 🤣. It was important that the waist beads be beautiful and last a long time on my clients. Sourcing the beads, crystals, and strands took a lot of work and experimentation. I am so glad I stick with it and continue to get women waisted.

| 5. How Did 37 Oaks Help You Overcome These Challenges?

37 Oaks has been an absolute lifesaver on this journey. Having a PhD in nursing did not prepare me for running a business. I knew I had to put in some work to learn, network, and be around like-minded entrepreneurs.

I found the Definition Innovator program through a random post on Facebook. The program description was exactly what I had prayed for and needed to take my business up a few notches.

| 6. What Is Your Greatest Win So Far As A Small Business Owner?

The feedback I get from my waisted clients is immeasurable. I love seeing them thrive and achieve their goals. I enjoy catching up with their stories and knowing that I nudged them into loving and being intentional about themselves.

| 7. What Advice Would You Give An Early-Stage Entrepreneur Working To Grow Their Business?

Get into the 37 Oaks family and learn from experts like Terrand Smith. There are so many opportunities out there and the lonely journey of entrepreneurship gives limited time to be exposed to them all.

| 8. What's Next For Your Business?

I am working hard on my marketing and being more visible to new clients. Since I do not have a storefront, I hope to collaborate more with wellness-based companies, yoga/Pilates studios, small coffee shops, and others to find a ‘home’ where clients can meet me to get waisted.

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