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Development Program

Helping small businesses reduce the time, barriers & burdens of launching an e-commerce business

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37 Oaks is excited to partner with Accion Opportunity Fund to deliver the FedEx E-commerce Learning Lab.  This initiative is designed to help women and minority-owned, small business owners develop or expand their e-commerce operations.


This six month program includes 37 Oaks University courses; monthly 1:1 coaching sessions; Study Hall workshops & exercises; selling products on SOKONI online marketplace with back-end administrative, marketing, operations, warehousing & fulfillment support.


These entrepreneurs use this program to build their e-commerce muscle so they can operate profitable, sustainable & scalable online businesses after the program. Learn more & apply today. 

Small Business Profile

Homemade Natural Soap

Packaged product- based 

  • Shelf-stable food & non-food

  • Business operations more than 6 months

Zooming on Tablet

Currently has a  business social media presence.

Has experience in selling product.


Holds appropriate legal permits to produce and sell product(s). 

Image by Vindemia Winery

Products are capable of being mass-produced. 

Excludes uniquely made, one-of-a kind items (some exceptions may apply)

Checking Inventory

Currently has an inactive OR no e-commerce site. 

Wants to start selling on online


Homemade Natural Soap

Program Includes

  • Seven 37 Oaks University courses 

  • Selling on our E-commerce Marketplace

  • 1:1 monthly coaching sessions

  • Warehousing & order fulfillment services

  • Product set up & maintenance

  • Collaborative marketing support

  • Site promotion management

  • Customer service

  • Product photography

  • More...

Key Dates






CURRICULUM: August - January

PROGRAM ENDS: January 2024

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