Scaling Up!! South Bend

South Bend's Small Business Growth Cohort

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Educating & Preparing South Bend's Small Businesses

For Growth

37 Oaks is excited to partner & support the City of South Bend, Indiana!


Sample Street was a historic center for manufacturing in South Bend and we are helping bring it back to life with the launch of ScalingUp!! South Bend.


This program brings together a cohort of local, small, product- based businesses that are ready to grow and put deep roots in the city.  This curriculum includes nine 37 Oaks University live webinars; supplemental On-Demand courses & our 1:1 mentorship & coaching services. 


37 Oaks loves working with municipalities invested in strengthening small business owners because they understand their value & impact to the community & economy. Stay tuned for program updates & follow on social media @37oaks to experience the cohort's journey.

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Type of



  • South Bend, IN region

  • Small, product-based businesses

  • All categories: food, beverages, clothing, accessories, beauty, health, art, books, etc.

  • Businesses committed to growing & scaling.

37 Oaks University 


  • 3 month program beginning March 2021 

  • 9 live webinars

  • Supplemental 37 Oaks On Demand Courses

  • 1:1 coaching & mentorship

Key Dates

  • March 12- Application Deadline

  • March 17- Cohort Businesses Announced

  • March 25- Orientation at 5:30 PM

  • March 31- May 26: Wednesdays at 5:30 - 7:30 PM

  • June 9-  Graduation at 5:00 PM



The goal of Scaling Up!! South Bend is to increase small business resilience; help them scale profitably and prepare for subsidized space on Sample Street after graduating the program.  

Space is limited, apply now!