Memo From 37 Oaks' CEO | COVID-19

Updated: Feb 20

37 Oaks = Local Commerce + Innovation + Economic Development

Small businesses, entrepreneurs and the professionals that service them have already begun to experience the negative impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Political campaigns and economic development strategies are built on the truth that small businesses and entrepreneurs are the engines of our economy. We create jobs; generate tax dollars; build generational wealth; and circulate dollars within our neighborhoods to help improve the quality of life in our communities.

37 Oaks strengthens & revitalizes communities through local commerce. It continues to be our commitment and responsibility to ensure that women and minority-owned businesses have their voices and needs represented in any channel or solution that helps them become more profitable, scalable & sustainable. Therefore, as we cautiously move forward and pivot with every update, we must also identify solutions that will resuscitate and support these diverse, local businesses as the overall strength of our economy depends on it.

All elected officials, entities and organizations responsible for enlisting support for our local businesses must act quickly as a lot is at stake.

I speak not only for 37 Oaks Consulting, but for the many economic development partners and organizations that provide counsel and resources to small businesses around the country. We welcome the opportunity to share our diverse perspectives and insights into how we can best uplift our local businesses.

I say this on behalf of the small business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur, mom-prenenur, maker, creative, small batch manufacturer, and the communities they serve. They are depending on us to quickly and collectively support them, so they may continue being the economic drivers upon which our nation was built.

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