Who's In the 37 Oaks Community?

 All Community Members:  When you join, you automatically get access to the Community Forum,  Blog and Bob & Weave Session Recordings. Use this to information to build your commerce, retail and distribution knowledge to figure out where you want to focus business growth. 


Private 37 Oaks Cohorts & Programs: If you are participating in a 37 Oaks University private program,  cohort or curriculum, after joining the community, you will be able to access your cohort's information in the dropdown menu under "Community".

 Graduates:  37 Oaks University offers many cohorts and programs around the country. Those that have successfully finished a cohort or program will receive a "Graduate" badge. Now you  can access exclusive content within the community. 

Experts: 37 Oaks has a wide network of professionals and experts that offer valuable insights and feedback in their respective fields. They have a history of working with our small businesses through coaching sessions, consultations and events. Our experts are here by invitation only. 

How to Sign Up for the Community

  • Please take a moment to read and understand our Community Code of Conduct before you sign up.

  • Go to 37oaks.com/communitylogin and click the "Log In/Sign Up" text.

  • It directs you to a page and make sure you click "Sign Up" since its your first time at the site. 

  • Enter an email address and password to register. This will be the same information you use to log in at a future date, so please make sure you remember it.

  • You will then receive a pop up message that tells you to check your email to confirm your email address. (check spam if you don't see it in your inbox)

  • Check your email and follow instructions. You will then be redirected to the 37 Oaks Community site.

  • Begin to engage in the 37 Oaks Community.

What's Next: After Signing Up

After you sign-up as a 37 Oaks Community Member, you have the option to select the checkbox to

Join this site's community, which creates a public profile* for you. Once you join the community, then...

  • Upload your headshot and enter your profile name.

  • Introduce yourself to the community by completing the "About" profile description. This information can be seen by other members only.

  • Within a profile, each member sees a list of their own forum posts. Other members can see your posts as well.


Notifications: Set notifications to receive Forum and Blog notifications. Only you will see your own notifications.

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