Introduction to Ecommerce Course

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Let's make the world of ecommerce simple

E-commerce is BIG and has a lot of parts to consider. For small business owners looking to launch or grow into this channel, it can be somewhat overwhelming or intimidating.

  • Where do you start?

  • What are my options?

  • Am I ready?

  • What should I expect and how do I prepare?

  • What free & low cost tools & resource can support me in this process?

Join, Terrand Smith, Founder/CEO of 37 Oaks, as she introduces the basics & fundamentals of e-commerce. Learn what e-commerce is; different types/ models to consider; advantages & disadvantages of each; top mistakes to avoid; and more.

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You Will Learn


  • What e-commerce?

  • Why it is an important?

  • Ecommerce types

  • Advantages & disadvantages 

  • Who is shopping online and why

  • When to consider e-commerce 

  • Top mistakes to avoid

  • Next steps


  • Wednesday, March 24th

  • 10:00 - 12:00 pm (pst)

  • Virtual course


37 Oaks is a Chicago-based company that educates & prepares small businesses for growth in e-commerce, wholesale, storefronts & mobile retail.

The Opportunity Fund provides loans to low- and moderate-income immigrants, women, and other deserving, but underserved small business owners.