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E-commerce Launch Pad Program

37 Oaks University is hand holding you to 

Online Shop Owner
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Let us hand-hold your way to e-commerce growth.

This world of E-commerce is BIG! When you decide to take your business online, there are many options. You own D2C, marketplaces, social commerce, etc. One size does not fit all and it is important, like with any other business decision to be strategic in this decision do you don't waste time, money and resources. 

Sometimes we overwxert ourselves trying to build an e-commerce business, but we started off on the wrong platform or did not build the foundation. Technology has made e-commerce easy to start, but it is still a business model that demands respect. May not be as easy to sustain and maintain. This program helps you build general foundation for any e-comm business then hand holds you to that transition. Focus on marketing, learning your customer, driving traffic, SEO, data and insights, building customer base, cause effect, tracking and analysis while we cover operations and offer support and resources.

Educate and prepare

visual timeline

We don't want you on here forever, Launch pad, Eduacet and prepare. Success is when you are confident to leave the platform. Each business is different and next stapes will vary. We are helping you 

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Small Businesses​ Profile


  • Just getting started online, stuck and have no/ to very low sales. 

  • Need help getting unstuck or support in taking hobby e-com business into early growth.

  • Need marketing, strategy + operational hand holding support to grow e-comerce business



  • 9-month virtual program

  • 6 months on SOKONI marketplace

    •  Item set up; item maintenance; promotion management, receiving, warehousing; order fulfillment; customer service

  • 6 coaching sessions

    • 3 digital marketing​

    • 1 strategy

    • 2 platform specific

  • 2 37 Oaks University On Demand marketing courses

  • Prepare to Shift book


  • Either one of the following must apply

    • E-commerce learning lab program alum​

    • Completed Online E-commerce bootcamp

  • Product Photography​

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