Phase 1

Chicago's Business Development Cohort


Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce Lo

Educating & Preparing Chicago's Neighborhood Businesses For Diverse Growth

37 Oaks University is excited to partner with The Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce in leading "Phase 1" of a 2 year, 4 phase incubator program. This program is designed to use educational programming, tools, coaching and applications to build profitable, sustainable & scalable small businesses & entrepreneurs.

This Phase 1 Cohort is an 8 week program comprised of courses from 37 Oaks University's Ecommerce, Wholesale, Strategy and Operations series. This custom curriculum will help build retail, commerce & distribution knowledge for our local businesses. It lays a strong foundation for future phases of this incubator, such as Phase 2 which can include 37 Oaks' SOKONI ecommerce and pop up shop platform.

Type of



  • Chicagoland

  • Small, product-based businesses

  • Non-Food: clothing, accessories, beauty, health, art, books, etc.

  • Foods/ Beverages: shelf stable, pre-packaged

  • Businesses committed to growing & scaling.

37 Oaks University 


8 week program begins in September


  • Introduction to Ecommerce

  • Ecommerce Shipping Strategy

  • Introduction to Ecommerce Marketing

  • Introduction to Wholesaling

  • Defining Your Unique Value

  • Introduction to Retail Math

  • The Basics Product Packaging & Labeling



Let's Get Prepared For Phase 2​

The Phase 1 Cohort helps build a strong foundation for Phase 2, which is an ecommerce development program that prepares you for strong online growth during the holiday season.